Friday, April 12, 2013

Nitrogen Studios Photographs My Rheneas & TV Model

Nitrogen Studios Canada Inc @ Facebook!
"Check out this scale model made out of textured card stock, made by the very talented Stephen Sheredy from Maryland. Thanks for sending it to us Stephen, and here is a picture of the paper model next to the real Rheneas. Fabulous!" - Greg Tiernan

A fantastic pair! Used with grateful permission from Greg Tiernan, owner of Nitrogen Studios
Here he is! Standing right next to the original Rheneas model himself!

Well, I made the past pages on this blog to announce that I, Stephen Sheredy, am the student Greg Tiernan mentioned on Nitrogen Studio's Facebook Page.

As I had always loved Thomas, it was a dream of mine to be a model maker and story writer at Shepperton Studios, where the original Thomas episodes were filmed on its model sets. In 2011, I sent my scale model of Rheneas to Greg Tiernan. Just a few weeks ago he responded with a very kind reply saying that he remembered the model, and had a photograph taken of the original model displayed at the studios, side by side with mine. What an exciting moment that was! I feel like the happiest a Thomas fan could be! Here's to you Mr. Greg Tiernan, and Thomas!

Here are a few photographs I took before I packaged him to be shipped. He now has his valves and tubes glued, with a whistle and wheels. As stated in my earlier post, I wanted to create him as the larger scale models were made from Season 5 onward, but to give him the feel of what he looked like in the Railway Series, with the railway's red paint scheme, and constructed realistically.

Here are some views of the sides, with glimmering lettering...

As well as the pipes, with the triangular boiler support.

Still, as I continue to make my models, such as Skarloey as seen above, I keep getting better and better. The models look so much better and realistic, and I am happy when I take time from school to keep up my hobby.

In closing, I hope you will post comments, re-blog and share these posts, as I update weekly and anticipate to answer questions you might have. Please feel free to visit as often as you can, and I hope these posts inspire you to make your own models.

If I can do it, you can too!


  1. NICE! Really stephen, if only I was that good of a model maker. I plan on making a layout based on the RWS myself and you are amazing for inspiration. However it is tricky trying to buy model kits and things that have to be ordered from the UK to make it as accurate to Thomas as possible...
    I'm subscribed to you on youtube also and you are just fantastic! Maybe you can teach me a few things, I live in Lansing Michigan,

    -Tino O.

    1. Sweet! Thank you... On modeling, yes. I really agree with you that in my experience, just playing and working on a way to make really realistic models, using the things I found at home or the craft and modeling stores, was a lot of fun.

      All I did was practice, and even remade models again and again, ripping them apart and improvising the measurements, to make something that looked better to me. Awesome stuff. For you, definitely just try and make something realistic, research modeling on the web, like, the links I have on my menu bar, and practice! Research photographs, and read some modeling books. You can do a lot of things, Pick one, and try it. If I could do it, so can you!