Sunday, May 14, 2017

Scratch-Built Open Wagons | 16mm Scale | #1

After making the first batch of slate cars, I wanted to try out a rake of open wagons of the Skarloey Railway, made entirely from balsa wood. Here's how they turned out!

Making rolling stock out of real wood makes a difference in texture and quality, compared to paper or plastic styrene. It serves as the basis of my newest freight cars, but being able to make real planked open wagons is really fun and quite satisfying.

On the workbench are three wagons being glued and assembled together. After cutting the measured parts, I glued them together with white glue for a strong bond, and left to dry. Details include bolts made from peel able craft gems, axle bearings made from balsa and card, and a planked floor as well as the sides.

After giving the model a spray of primer, I began painting and weathering each wagon in select colors, starting with the base coat for select parts to be dry-brushed with elements of the cargo it carries, dust, coal etc. as well as some bits of rust.

At last they're ready for the layout! They all feature working couplings made from bent craft wire, drilled into the buffer beam and secured with glue, and equipped with chains for pulling. I carefully measure how they're mounted so they give enough space between the cars to work on tight curves.

Because of the strength from the gluing, these cars can hold any load easily, and when a longer train of these gets too heavy, there can be a double-heading or a banker to help the lead engine!

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